COMPREHENSIVE ADVICE to companies and individuals


  • Advice and management of fiscal matters.
  • Tax planning.
  • Preparation of all types of tax declarations.


The philosophy of our consultancy is to provide services in the Fiscal, Accounting, Trade and Labor areas that the company requires for its operation, anticipating events which may occur..


Our professional commitment is based on the permanent update in the knowledge and application of the fiscal rules that are continuously modified and updated, and to carry out an adequate planning that leads to the greatest possible saving of fiscal costs for our clients, within the compliance with tax regulations.

  • State taxes: I.V.A. (VAT), I.R.P.F. (Income Tax) , Corporate Tax, I.T.P. (Transfer Tax) and A.J.D. (Stamp Duty).
  • Local taxes: I.A.E. (Economical Activity Tax), I.B.I. (Local Rates), Plusvalia (Tax on the Increase in the Value of land) ...
  • Taxation of Civil Companies, Communities of Assets.


  • 1. Pre-constitution on the most appropriate legal form for the creation of a company from the tax point of view.
    2. Declarations-liquidations: study, preparation and presentation, both annual as well as quarterly or monthly and for specific tax facts, to the state, autonomous and local administrations.
    3. Planning: preliminary analysis in anticipation of fiscal closing, evaluating the different alternatives and advantages and thus making decisions to reduce the tax burden on Value Added Tax, Income Tax and Corporation Tax.
    4. Tax analysis of the creations, transformations, mergers and liquidations of companies, as well as in real estate and financial investments.
    5. Tax Inspections: assistance, defense, response to requirements, settlements and appeals in relation with all Taxes in our field of action at any institutions.
    6. Intrastat.



We have qualified professionals for the preparation of an accounting that can lead us to the realization and elaboration of the best possible taxation for the obtaining by our clients of the best optimisation of their resources, together with the highest exploitation of the technical and computer means. We order, account and file OR DIGITALIZE, you have the possibility to access our website to download to your PC the accounting completely updated and ready to consult or to print (extracts, accounts of losses and profits, or any other accounting report you may need).


• Accounting Plan
• Based on your documentation (invoices of income and expenses and movements of Banks) we obtain:

1. Diary book.
2. General Ledger.
3. VAT Registration Book (supported and reimbursed).
4. Balances and Results Accounts.
5. Annual accounts.
6. Memoirs.
7. Official Books
8. Any other mandatory accounting document.



The continuous changes of legislation in the different areas and above all the labor one, make it a decisive factor when outsourcing the labor department of a company. Do not depend on a person, to prepare your payroll, and social insurance. We give you the competitive advantage of maximizing your human resources


- Registration of companies in Social Security.
- Registrations and cancellations of employees in the National Health Service. Ammendments of data.
- Bonuses and subsidies.
- Postponement of quotas in ordinary and executive way
- Settlement of social security payments. Refunds of fees.
- Illness and accidents communications.
- Mutual societies for work accidents and illness.
- Appeals in matters of Social Security.
- Drawing up of social insurance ( tc1, tc2, tc2 / 1, ...).
- Management of registration or cancellation in special regime for self-employed workers.
- Retirements.
- Disability Pensions, Retirement, Widowhood, Orphanhood, Etc ..


  • Preparation of payroll.
  • Monthly summaries by Centers.
  • Control and regularization of withholdings.
  • Staff Ratios.


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